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Java Script

In this course, we will be learning the basics of JavaScript – how it works and how to write code with it. We will also cover the fundamentals of using Git and learn how to debug code. Following that, we’ll delve into various development methodologies and best programming practices in JavaScript. Additionally, we’ll explore how to better plan and structure our programs for efficient operation.

Technologies and software you will add to your toolbox


Basic JS
  • We will master fundamental concepts and functionality necessary for understanding and working with more advanced aspects.

    • Code structure.
    • Variables.
    • Data types.
    • Operators.
    • Loops.
    • Functions.
Web Page + JS
  • We will master the interaction between JS and web pages, creating several projects to reinforce knowledge.

    • Document Object Model (DOM) from the perspective of JS.
    • Window and Document objects.
    • DOM selectors and traversing the DOM tree.
    • Event listeners and event objects.
    • Event Bubbling and delegation.
    • Basics of working with Local/Session Storage.
  • We will familiarize ourselves with the Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) paradigm, which is relatively simple and solves the main problem of dealing with complex domains and code.

    • How OOP works.
    • Different ways to implement OOP in JS.
Asynchronous JS
  • Since most data is stored outside the browser, it’s essential to make requests to this data. However, the nature of these requests is asynchronous, allowing other tasks to continue processing without waiting for these requests to complete.

    • Nature of asynchronous programming.
    • AJAX, XHR.
    • JSON.
    • Working with external APIs.
    • REST API & HTTP requests.
    • Promises.
    • Fetch, async…await.
Advanced JS
  • We will acquaint ourselves with and reinforce practice with more advanced aspects of JS.

    • Symbols, Sets, and Maps.
    • Destructuring and spread operators.
    • Working with modules.
    • Importing and exporting modules.

Who is a JavaScript developer?

A JavaScript developer is a professional who specializes in creating interactive web applications, websites, and other programs using the JavaScript programming language. They possess a deep understanding of JavaScript, its capabilities, and intricacies. A JavaScript developer develops functionality, ensures user interaction, works with asynchronous requests, and may also create and maintain server-side code using Node.js. This professional may also have experience with various frameworks and libraries such as React, Angular, or Vue.js to build powerful and scalable web applications.


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