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QA Manual

In the online QA Manual courses, students will learn the fundamental principles of manual software testing, including creating test cases, developing test plans, and generating testing reports. They will also explore various types of testing such as functional, regression, and integration testing.

Upon completion, students will possess confident skills in manual software testing, enabling them to conduct successful application testing, evaluate quality and effectiveness, and produce valuable reports for development teams.

Technologies and software you will add to your toolbox
Azure Devops


Fundamental testing theory and its application. Test management and bug tracking systems
  • Get to know everyone
  • Introduction to IT. Companies and projects. The concept of testing. The main ISTQB standards
  • SDLC and STLC. Software development methodologies
  • Working with requirements: their analysis and compilation
  • Test documentation
  • Levels and types of testing
  • Project and Test management systems. TestRail and Azure DevOps
  • What is a bug? Bug tracking systems, acquaintance with Jira
  • Test design techniques. White Box techniques
  • Black Box test design techniques practice. Pt.1
  • Black Box test design techniques practice. Pt.2
  • Estimation. Practice creating test documentation
Testing web applications, web services, and mobile apps
  • Web basics (HTML, CSS). Xpath and СSS selectors. Character Encoding
  • Testing user interfaces (GUI) and web applications
  • Basics of testing mobile apps
  • API Testing. JSON. REST
  • API testing with Postman
  • API testing with SoapUI
  • Git and working with command line
Databases. Intro to SQL
  • Relational databases. SQL query language. SELECT operator
  • Comparison predicates, aggregate functions in SQL
  • Join operations and nested requests
Load testing and QA automation basics. Getting ready for job interviews
  • Load testing basics with Apache Jmeter
  • QA Automation basics (Selenium IDE)
  • Preparing for job interviews
  • Exam
  • Graduation

Who is a QA?

QA (Quality Assurance) or quality assurance is a direction in IT that ensures high standards of software products.

A tester is an expert whose task is to check components or the entire system for faults and errors. Their goal is to identify and document potential issues in the program’s operation. By simulating various usage scenarios, the tester helps the development team eliminate the found shortcomings.

A QA Automation engineer is a specialist who creates programs for automated quality assurance of software.


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